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Screenshot 2018-03-04 at 11.52.18 PM

here it comes again, that feeling.

that hot air rising, that long exhale, that clunk, clunk of your chunky heel pounding the bricks in the alley.

you are here, and your mug is beat, and your look is calculated. you are everything, you are top toot of the week, and you are walking through the door. stomp, stomp, stomp to your place, the girls are already in formation. eyes, eyes, eyes have it all and they'll never give it away. the dirt, the sweat, the sequins, the hips, the fringe, the T - lick it up, baby. they see you and they know, and you know too. you wink.

something buzzes inside of you. 

photos by bree birr, scott lipiec, erika ruch